Brooke Chambers

Barrister, Solicitors and Notary Public

A. Background.

Our primary jurisdiction of legal practice is Nigeria and Nigerian law, but we now have legal practice alliances with foreign law firms in other jurisdictions such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil. Argentina, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, South Africa, India, China, etc. With these valuable international law firm practice alliances, we can assist any Nigerian company or individual conduct legal business abroad or assist foreigners conduct legal business in Nigeria.

B. Mission Statement.

We render legal services to Governments, private companies, partnerships, public limited companies, corporations, trustees, government agencies, international clients etc. Our clientele list is comprehensive but attainable on request. In Nigeria, we work for over 60 Federal Government Departments, Agencies and corporate organizations covering Business and Investment law, Maritime and Admiralty law, International Trade and Customs law, Property and Infrastructure law, Financial services law, Labour and Employment law, Oil and Gas law, Energy and Power law, Immigration law, Intellectual Property law, Insolvency and Liquidation law, Family and Probate law, International Development law, Arbitration and general litigation practice.

We have valuable contacts or still on the database of several global legal service providers such as Legal 500, American Bar Association, International Bar Association, Institutional Investors, World Justice Project, International Referral Network, IFLR 1000, Expo Tax Forum covering Eastern European countries, Lloyds Maritime Services, Martindale Hubbell, DEVEX, Development Aid etc.

C. Varieties of Legal Services.

1. We render legal and advisory consultancy services.
2. We render legal advocacy services covering court litigations and human rights remedies.
3. We render provision of legal value added services covering provision of law books, law journals, law library building and installation, law firm software and technology applications, Court systems software and technology applications, etc.
4. Legislative Advocacy covering representations at National Assembly Committees, State Assembly Committees, Judicial Panels, Administrative Panels etc.
5. We render public procurement services covering procurement and contract laws, contract processing, EOI, TOR, RFP, tracking, preparation of contract documents, technical and financial proposals. bid processing, due diligence, market entry, market intelligence, business permits, pioneer status, expatriate Quota, Combined Residence Permits etc.
6. Legal research & training etc.
7. Arbitration and Mediation Services.

D. Procedure to Commence a Case.

Once a potential client selects our law firm as potential legal agents, all he/she need do is send an email to our law firm email at any of the under listed email addresses. The email must contain a legal transaction history and legal remedy the client seeks. Upon receipt of the email, we will conduct our initial case assessment evaluation and advise the client on the appropriate legal steps to take to resolve the issue. A legal bill will also be sent with this initial evaluation assessment report. We remain open to outsourced legal matters from foreign law firms, corporate counsel forums, and foreign in-house counsels etc. Where need be, we also refer matters to foreign law firms.